Our residents love to celebrate just about anything. Even a bad day inspires cards, hugs, silly singing, and extra attention from our sweet and thoughtful friends. Birthdays are a huge deal. Even if the entire pile of gifts cost less than a McDonald’s meal, to our residents, it really is the thought and the moment of stardom that counts. One of the best parties each year is on the 4th of July at our Executive Director’s neighborhood pool.

After two hours of swimming and splashing, the residents and Cornerstone family headed inside to celebrate with sub sandwiches and a raucous round of patriotic tunes.

Cornerstone Ranch desires to give their residents and day program participants opportunities to truly experience abundant life. In order to enjoy the daily joys that we take for granted, these precious people are completely dependent on us. And their excitement over the little things rubs off on us as well. Because of their exuberance, we also are able to notice, embrace, and savor every little detail of life.

Thank you, Natalia, for these beautiful pictures of a special, patriotic day.