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Programming & Schedule

Residential and Day Programs

Our residential program offers full-time care in our group home on the Cornerstone Ranch campus. During the day, residents participate in activities and programming, and attend the same classes as our day program participants.

Our day program is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Day program participants join our residents in activities like art class, candle and jewelry making, education classes, life skills training, sports, service projects, and games and activities.

To apply to either program, applicants must go through our admission process.

Programming pillars

Cornerstone’s programming is built on six pillars, all supporting our three core values:

  1. Serving. Each Cornerstone resident and day program participant is encouraged to develop their giftedness and find fulfillment through volunteering at local non-profits, living in community with one another, and participating in local church membership.
  2. Developing life skills. We help the residents and day program participants learn new skills, and reach their highest level of independence, as active participants in grocery shopping, home care, meal preparation and personal grooming.
  3. Healthy living. Through a balanced diet, daily exercise and sports, our residents and day program participants stay healthy.
  4. Learning. Our residents and day program participants participate in classes to further develop their math, reading, and health management skills. We hold daily devotionals and Bible studies, with a focus on how to live Christian values.
  5. Working. In order to develop vocational skills, the residents and day programmers work a couple of hours per week in various enterprises, including making candles and jewelry.
  6. Having fun! And of course, we have lots of fun together, both through organized and impromptu activities.