As you know, we strive to provide much more than a home for our friends with special needs. We are passionate about providing a loving environment that empowers them to live life abundantly through our day programs. By serving, exercising , creating and learning together, Cornerstone Ranch residents and day programmers are empowered to THRIVE. We are encouraged by the words of Cornerstone Ranch Parent, Kay B., who describes the impact that our programming has had on her daughter, Amanda.

“Amanda and her friends are busy, responsible, and engaged. The result of all this stimulation has been that Amanda is more interested in the world around her. Her conversation is broader than it was when she was home most of the time. Our other children and friends of the family have noticed this change and comment on it frequently. We could not possibly provide the level of stimulation she receives from the staff, teh community and other residents at Cornerstone. She has never been happier, and we have the comfort of knowing that her new home has been designed specifically to provide a life of value and dignity for adults with mental disabilities.”

Cornerstone has cultivated the environment  for the residents and day program participants to grow; will you join us in enabling our friends with special needs to continue to THRIVE? We are seeking to raise $10,000 to water and nurture the lives of our special needs friends. Your prayers and contributions will go toward programming that develops life skills, community service, healthy living, working, and having fun!

Ways to help Amanda and her friends THRIVE this summer:
Provides one hour of day programming
$525 Provides one full day of programming