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Cornerstone Ranch is always looking for great volunteers to help serve alongside our residents and day program participants. Below are descriptions of our ongoing needs. To volunteer in any of these capacities, please download and fill out our Volunteer form or contact info@cornerstone-ranch.com.

Program Assistant

Program assistants partner with us to provide quality care and programming. Each assistant works one-on-one with our residents and day program participants to paint a work of art, cultivate our garden, care for needs, or learn a new skill.

Labor Force

The Labor Force frees up the Cornerstone staff to care for our residents and day program participants by completing work projects on our campus. If you are interested in painting walls, pulling weeds, building structures, organizing closets, taking pictures, mowing lawns, or bringing a group to beautify our campus, we can use your help and expertise!

Party People

The Party People join our residents and day program participants for special programming throughout the year. Party People sponsor board game nights, cookouts, sporting events, fishing trips, or help host our events at Cornerstone.

Adopt a Project

If you are looking for an Eagle Scout project, a way to contribute your professional expertise, or a project to do with your church’s small group, please peruse this list for ideas:

Ongoing Opportunities (2014):

Knowlege & Expertise

Property Maintenance & Gardening

Project Wish List: (all projects require financial backing)

Other Opportunities

Throughout the years, members of the community have come and offered to help us by using their unique talents and skill sets. Through their faithfulness, our residents have benefited tremendously. We never could have imagined the impact that resulted from these God-ordained opportunities. If you have a specific skill or talent that you think might be beneficial to one or all of our residents or day programmers, contact us! We would love to hear your ideas. Some ideas may not be possible with our current schedule, but may be possible in the future.