Cornerstone Ranch is refreshingly different from most other group homes and day programs for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. Built on Christian values, our family-centered environment creates a safe place where independence thrives, character grows, and confidence is nurtured. The adults who make up this special needs community, or Ranchers, are given the opportunity to experience abundant life. Ranchers do not spend their day in front of the television. Instead, they serve, exercise, worship, and work as productive and useful members of the community.

Located on 42 acres just outside of McKinney, Texas, Cornerstone’s 10,000-square-foot residential home comfortably accommodates seven adults with disabilities residentially, and two highly integrated care giving families. The activity center houses all of our day program and enrichment activities, providing a place for our Ranchers to grow and the community to gather.

The mission of Cornerstone Ranch is to empower adults with special needs to live an abundant life. We accomplish this through C.A.R.E.

“Cornerstone has taught my son much more independence and spirit of service. More importantly, it provides a home where his life is edified, where he has lots of stimulation, friends, and peace of mind for his Mom and Dad, who love him very much.”Parent of Cornerstone Resident


Cornerstone Ranch contributes to the local community through compassionate service and develops meaningful connections and intentional relationships.


Cornerstone Ranch is a 42-acre sanctuary providing the ideal environment to experience God’s creation and personal growth through therapeutic animal care and organic gardening.


Cornerstone Ranch has a unique, faith-based approach to family style living that fosters safe and nurturing relationships, and a lifelong home for our Ranchers.


Cornerstone Ranch empowers our Ranchers to embrace their individual skills, talents, and purpose through stimulating activities for personal development, creative expression, and meaningful production.


In 1999, David and Cynthia Heaton began dreaming of a home like Cornerstone. The Heatons were volunteering with a Young Life special needs group in Dallas, and realized that something needed to be done for these students as they graduated from high school. Without the ability to live independently, their friends with disabilities were forced into living situations that were less than ideal, and missing the abundant life they were created for.

In 2001, after graduating from college and as young newlyweds, the Heatons opened their own home to three men with special needs. Their ministry continued to grow and flourish, and Cornerstone Ranch was incorporated. In 2004, the Heatons purchased 42 peaceful acres of land outside McKinney, and they built our 10,000-square foot ranch home. In 2006, our first residents moved in. They have remained with us ever since, along with our faithful direct care staff who live on site with their own children.

While remaining true to our core values, Cornerstone Ranch is now executing the Heaton’s vision to vastly expand. In 2011, we built our Board and Advisory Council and added a non-residential day program and an enterprise program.

We are thriving and preparing to grow into a sprawling Christian community for 100-plus residents, changing the way the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex cares for people with disabilities. (See the “Expansion” page for a site plan and the details of our vision.)