Resident Profile


There is no set IQ range for admission to Cornerstone Ranch in McKinney TX, and we look at all applicants on an individual basis. Generally, we serve the mild to moderate functioning ranges, but are able to care for many types of disabilities and delays within that broad spectrum.


The behavior of our residents is a primary concern. We are not able to accept anyone with violent or aggressive histories. Normative sleep patterns are also required.


Wheelchairs and other ambulatory aids are welcome at Cornerstone Ranch, but in accordance with our license, all residents must be able to transfer themselves from their bed into their wheelchair in an emergency situation. We are not currently able to care for individuals that require nursing care or continual medical supervision.


It is Cornerstone’s desire to meet the needs of many, which is why we are expanding. Future homes on our campus will be able to have some degree of specificity in the care they provide. We would like to provide apartments for higher functioning individuals seeking more independence, and we plan to provide a home with full-service skilled nursing and healthcare, so we may care for our residents throughout their lifetime.